BEN – Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund

As you know the Fellowship’s ethos is encouraging and enhancing friendships among its members through regional luncheons and visits to interesting venues and businesses. But also at the heart of the Fellowship is the desire to support BEN, the automotive charity, for which we are very grateful.

The charity was formed over 100 years ago and has continued to support automotive past and present employees as the industry has grown and evolved into the very diverse sector that it is today.

Our mission is to “care for automotive people and their dependants in their time of need”

We have a nationwide team of welfare officers who provide support to people living in their own homes. This can be for short term financial difficulties, help with the funding of special equipment, adapting their home to suit their disability, or guidance to overcome other stresses in their life. The vast majority of our fundraising goes to help families in their own home.

We also operate 4 care homes located in Ascot, Rugby, Southport, and Berwick upon Tweed and we also have a day care centre in Coventry. In our care homes we help a range of residents from young people who have been injured at work and are disabled or recovering from major surgery, to older people requiring special care or attention; be that physical disability or mental problems.

BEN requires nearly £12m of revenue each year to provide support and care to a growing number of people and all of our fundraising support comes via the industry and those employed in it.  We receive no Government grants or Lottery funding, nor are we a ‘cause related’ charity that would appeal to the general public.  We are fortunate to receive contributions (financial and through volunteering) from right across the industry – a recognition of the support we provide to people from every sector in the industry.

The FMI has been a long term supporter of BEN for which we are hugely grateful, and we would ask all members to help us raise awareness of the charity with their colleagues in the industry. To find out more about how we can help those in need, and to learn more of the many ways you can support BEN please visit our website at www.ben.org.uk.